Assured 22000 Certification Package for Food Manufacturers

Our assured food safety management system incorporates all the individual packages you will need for your ISO 22000 and/or FSSC 22000 certification but at a huge discount.

With this package you will get one on one email support to guide you through the certification process from beginning to end until you achieve the certification you need. We will work with you no matter how long it takes, so this is the ideal solution for those who want to achieve certification in the quickest and easiest manner possible.

This global food safety management system takes in to consideration the international requirements of the following standards:

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  • International Standard ISO 22000:2005 for Food Safety Management Systems.
  • International Standard ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems.
  • FSSC 22000 food safety system for food manufacturers incorporating the standards ISO 22000 and Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009 – Prerequisite programmes on food safety for food manufacturing.
  • Global Food Safety Initiative Requirements for a conforming food safety management standard so that it can be applied to any of the standards bench marked under this scheme.




Food Safety Management System Implementation Workbook

Assured 22000 Food Safety Management System Implementation Workbook. This detailed workbook provides a step by step guide to implementing ISO and/or FSSC 22000 using our extensive Food Safety Management System Templates and Prerequisite Programmes.

Project 22000 Implementation Package

This package contains invaluable implementation tools to assist in achieving ISO and/or FSSC 22000 certification.

The package is broken down as follows:

  • Introduction to ISO 22000 – This 45 minute presentation will introduce the ISO 22000 standard and explain exactly how to start the process of implementing an ISO 22000 compliant Food Safety Management System.
  • Understanding ISO 22000 – This one hour interactive training guide can be used to aid your staff in understanding the ISO 22000:2005 standard. It includes:
    • The key elements to ensuring food safety.
    • An explanation of prerequisite programmes.
    • The principles of HACCP.
    • ISO 22000 definitions.
    • The documents required to meet the standard.
    • Food Safety Team: ISO 22000 implementation guide.
    • ISO 22000 document requirement guide.
    • Prerequisite training.
    • Codex GMP training.
    • ISO 22000 multiple choice training exams, including certificates to print out upon completion. Evaluate your staff’s progress.
    • Project Plans
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  • Senior management implementation checklist.

Food Safety Quality Management System

The core of this content contains comprehensive ISO / FSSC 22000 documentation, including all the procedures and records you will need.

Included in this package you will find:

  • Food safety quality manual template containing a comprehensive set procedures and records:
    • 28 top level procedures templates that form the foundations of your Food Safety Management System so you don’t have to spend 100’s of hours writing compliant procedures.
    • Record templates that support your Food Safety Management System procedures and the comprehensive prerequisite programme laying out your Infrastructure and Maintenance Standards to ensure you meet the prerequisite requirements of ISO 22000 and Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009 – Prerequisite programmes on food safety for food manufacturing.

Prerequisite Programmes Manual

Our unique and comprehensive prerequisite programme templates laying out the Standards required to ensure you meet the prerequisite requirements of ISO 22000 and Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009

Here are more details of what is included:

  • Prerequisite programmes on food safety for food manufacturing: A comprehensive set of 67 prerequisite programmes including those defined in Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009 Part 1.
  • Prerequisite Programmes Verification Records: Prerequisite programme verification audit templates covering all 67 prerequisite programmes including those defined in Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009 Part 1.
  • Operational Prerequisite Programmes Manual: A set of 16 comprehensive operational prerequisite programmes including matching validation records and verification records.

ISO 22000 Internal Auditing Training & Checklists

This is a package of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 internal auditor training guides plus a set of ISO 9001, ISO 22000 internal auditing checklists that can also be used as gap analysis checklists.

We have qualified auditor’s that are able to give you all the insider tips from an auditors perspective. You will be able to train yourself and your staff to use the tools in this package to perform your own internal audits on a regular basis.

The training and checklists cover the complete auditing process will cover management responsibility, planning and realization of safe products, resources management, validation, verification and improvement, and much more…

Essentials of HACCP Manual

Ensure you are compliant with food safety legislation by applying principles of hazard analysis critical control points using our easy to follow HACCP system.

Here is an overview of the system:

  • A set of HACCP documents and procedures.
  • CCP record templates and HACCP System Instructions.
  • HACCP Training – An interactive and illustrated HACCP training presentation to train your food safety team in the preliminary steps to a hazard analysis, the principles of HACCP and instruction how to implement your HACCP system and develop a HACCP plan.
  • HACCP Training Exam – A 1 hour multiple choice exam in HACCP to evaluate the effectiveness of your training. The exam includes an automatic scoring system and the generation of certificates to print out.
  • Validation Records – A range of easy to use validation record templates.
  • HACCP implementation guide.